Beginner’s Guide to the World of cPanel

A Beginner’s Guide to the World of cPanel Hosting {50WebHost}

The Internet has changed the way we run our businesses. From customer support to optimizing operations, everything is just a click away! If you are planning to build an online presence or looking to upgrade your business infrastructure, you have probably heard of cPanel. However, you might be missing out on what it means for your business. This article gives you a clear insight into the world of cPanel.

What do you mean by cPanel?

cPanel refers to a Linux-operated web hosting solution that offers cPanel tools that help you control web hosting elements. In addition, cPanel is now widely used to manage web hosting resources. In simpler words, cPanel is a convenient and interactive approach to operating complex commands and running without any hassle. With cPanel, the business has become much easier, and you don’t need to know the jargon or be a tech genius to start your business online.

cPanel is provided with almost every hosting plan and collaborates with a web hosting manager. This allows users to take administrative authority over the functionality of their page and helps take care of multiple pages and websites without any hassle. Besides, this can also be used in various types of cloud hosting, which include shared, dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting. cPanel is an imperative tool for web hosting and a great option for beginners since it is a straightforward guide to running a business online.

What will you get from cPanel?

cPanel offerings

The wonders of cPanel never cease to amaze! While resources come with the package offered by your hosting provider, there are additional tools that can help you to manage your website effectively. While listing the number of features might seem impossible, here are some of the common features that come with cPanel:

  1. Choose and connect domain names to your page.
  2. Email services for your website.
  3. Provide content management features such as WordPress.
  4. Website backup to prevent data loss.
  5. Upload data to your server.
  6. Keep track of your bandwidth and other statistics.
  7. Customize security settings at your convenience.
  8. Incorporate add-on applications to your page.
  9. Create and maintain new and existing databases.
  10. Create new optimizations.

With 50webhost cPanel hosting, you get all of the incredible features of cPanel, and also you additionally get the enhanced performance, dedicated support, and several other exciting 50webhost offers and features.

What are the Pros and Cons?

cPanel is a huge asset for business owners today. However, it too has its merits and demerits. Although, the pros surely outweigh the cons, here are some of them to help you make the right call for your business model.


  1. User-friendly interface: cPanel offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to handle web hosting features. Moreover, it provides modules that are convenient and easy to access. Besides, cPanel is an intuitive dashboard with exceptional graphics for a smooth experience.

  2. Compatibility: cPanel is a household name concurrently. With millions of users, it is compatible with almost every web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. In addition, its compatibility goes way beyond supporting multiple web browsers. It also supports a wide range of third-party applications such as site builders and SEO tools.

  3. Multiple features: cPanel has helped countless businesses to run smoothly. Since prior knowledge is optional, users can still perform difficult commands, including creating subdomains and FTP accounts, maintaining MySQL databases, generating site backups, etc.

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  1. Expensive

cPanel can be a very expensive add-on for your online business. Unlike other competitors in the market, purchasing a cPanel license can result in a dent in your pocket. If you are looking for cPanel features to manage your website, choosing a web hosting plan is your best bet since the service providers often lend you their license.

  • Corruption or loss of data:

cPanel can overwrite server settings during major updates. This results in data loss, which can affect your website. Moreover, corruption and hard drive crashes can also impact your page. However, if such a case arises, you can go for full disaster recovery to restore the lost data.

Security Concerns:

Since cPanel uses two-factor authentication (2FA), it is exposed to various attacks. Cyber threats like hacking, phishing, etc. Are common concerns. However, this can be prevented with regular updates of the cPanel dashboard.

Why do businesses need cPanel?


Now that you know the pros and cons of cPanel, you might be wondering if you require it for your business. Well, cPanel plays a great role in a successful business online. From effective website management to smooth performance and exceptional customer support, cPanel takes care of the major aspects that come with running a business online. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider adding cPanel to your business:

1.   Easy to handle

cPanel is mostly famous for its simplicity and user-friendliness, It has a simple and interactive interface that makes it easier for anyone to use. From configuring extensions to installing apps, it offers a compact dashboard that offers all the features in one place. Users can easily run and find applications and other options without any hassle.

2.   Security

Security is a major requirement for online businesses as they are constantly under cyber threats such as hackers, malware, and phishers which can jeopardize critical information such as passwords, data, etc. Hence, cPanel Web Hosting offers easy, yet effective solutions that ensure a secure business. Moreover, it also provides a security policy that can help detect suspicious IP addresses.

3.   Exceptional Support

Exceptional Support

Every business runs legitimacy and quality. However, factors like Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays a great role in it. Consequently, cPanel offers reliable resources that also help users to improve their google ranking and place higher in the listings bringing more audience to your page.

Besides, when it comes to assistance, cPanel is your best choice. From 24×7 Support to interactive guides, it also offers tools that can track errors and carry out fixes. This reduces downtime boosting the performance of your website.

4.   Automation

When you use cPanel, you will realize how it handles every aspect of your business. Adding this dashboard to your website not only manages content, but also provides you with third-party applications to ensure a better experience. In addition, cPanel offers automated services in which most of the upgrades and installation are done automatically.

So, get in touch with 50WebHost now and receive an impeccable cPanel hosting service and support.

Migrate to 50WebHost

How to Migrate & Host Your Dream Site Online with 50WebHost?

Building a business online has many layers and if you are looking for what web hosting means, you are probably trying to build a website. Be it a seasoned professional or a novice, web hosting is for everyone. Worried about handling the technical jargon? Web hosting offers a variety of solutions that do most of the work for you, i.e., running a website. This article rounds up everything you need to know about migrating to 50WebHost & kick-starting your brand with the most cost-effective web hosting!

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting refers to online solutions for businesses to publish their website information on the internet. These services are offered by various web hosting providers. To start your website, users have to select a domain name and choose a hosting plan offered by their service provider.

You might be wondering how web hosting would benefit your business? Well, unlike any other option, you don’t have to be a tech genius to run your business! Web hosting takes all-around responsibility for your website. Apart from running your server, it also takes care of security breaches and keeps track of important data, assets, etc.

Free hosting Vs. Paid Hosting

Why one should pick 50WebHost?

With various upgrades and technology shaping the online business world each day, web hosting has also been distinguished based on your requirements for the business. If you are an online business owner looking for hosting solutions, it is quite likely that you have heard about free hosting. While free hosting. might sound pocket-friendly and seems to do the job, it might also have some serious consequences that can either make or break your business.

Free hosting might save you some pennies, but it won’t guarantee you an exceptional performance. Choosing free web hosting may result in issues like unwanted ads, and domain names on your webpage that might divert potential customers. However, with paid hosting, you have complete control over your website. Apart from that, here are some other reasons why you should consider choosing a paid web hosting for your website:.


Unlimited Bandwidth

Free hosting offers unmetered bandwidth and disk space to the users. In addition, these low specifications affect the functioning of your website rendering it slow or even resulting in a loss of revenue. However, with paid hosting options you can customize disk space and choose the required bandwidth that suits your business.

No Storage Limitation

Uploading content such as images, videos, etc provides information about the products or services that you offer. Besides, such content also helps your business to grow and build trust among your customer base. Paid web hosting solutions provide unlimited upload options while free hosting provides a limited number of how many videos or images you can upload to your page.


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Robust Security

Security is one of the most important aspects of online businesses. With threats like phishing, malware, etc. Threatening enterprises online, paid hosting provides solutions that upgrade your security systems and secure your customer’s information. On the contrary, free hosting is more susceptible to identity thefts, etc. that may jeopardize your customer’s database well as your businesses’

Domain name and URL

Domains and URLs act as your identity on the internet. Your customer can easily find your products or the services with this information that is unique to your business. Unlike paid hosting, free hosting options provide domain names and URLs with their name on them which might question the legitimacy of your business and looks unprofessional.

Incredibly Fast

Free web hosting options may affect your servers. They usually have slow servers which results in long page loading times. This may drive your customers away from your website. On the contrary, paid hosting solutions guarantee fast server speeds and also provide backup in case of downtime to ensure your business remains unaffected.

Migrating your website with 50Webhost

What is the most important part of a successful business? If you answered customers, well you are on the right track. Similar to any retail business, eCommerce is also dependent on its customers. However, as an owner, you have the power to target your customer’s preferences and use them to your advantage! Sounds interesting? Well, with 50Webhost you can now easily set up your dream website with just a click!

Wait! Do you currently have a hosting plan that isn’t working well for your business? That is a common issue. Businesses need to expand and be acceptable to changing dynamics in the industry. This is why 50Webhost brings you an effective solution to migrate your website to our hosting plans which can be easily customized to suit your needs.

What are they offering?

Unlike other hosting service providers in the market, 50Webhost understands the concurrent trend of rising entrepreneurs in the market. While some may be tech geniuses, not everyone has to! Hence, 50WebHost offers the best and cheap web hosting packages that are tailored for everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals.


Best for Beginners

Price: Rs.45 /Mo.

  • 5 Domain
  • 1 GB Disk storage
  • 25 GB Bandwidth
  • 5 Databases
  • 5 Email Account
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • Free SSL certificate.


Best for professionals

Best Price : Rs. 209/Mo

  • Up to 50 Domains are available.
  • 10 GB Disk storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth.
  • 10 Databases
  • Unlimited Email Account service.
  • Unlimited Sub-domains offered
  • Unlimited and free SSL Certificate
  • Daily and Weekly Backup
  • Free Domain
  • Max Files (INodes) 300,000


The ultimate choice for Webmasters

Price: Rs. 298/Mo

  • Unlimited Domains.
  • Unlimited disk storage.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Database.
  • Unlimited Email account.
  • Sub-Domain Unlimited
  • FreeSSL Certificate
  • Daily and Weekly Backup available
  • No charges on domains.
  • Max Files (INodes) 500,000

To Conclude –

With minimal charges, 50WebHost is a brand name in the online business industry. Every package offers features that are customized for your requirements. Besides, the packages are flexible and can be upgraded as your business grows. Moreover, we offer impeccable customer service with professionals who work round the clock to build your business on the internet without a hassle. With 99.9% guaranteed uptime, we also ensure your information stays protected and hence offer automatic backups as well. 50 Web Host is your one-stop solution with a user-friendly control panel and solid-state drives to provide you with every resource that will help you grow your brand.

50WebHost WebHosting
Your New WebHosting Partner

How 50WebHost can Change the Web Hosting Game in 2022?

A web hosting service is a service in which a supplier provides you with a single or shared server that is connected to the Internet.

Renting space on a server that links you to the internet is what a web host does. A webhost is a corporation that stores the files that make up your website as well as the software, physical, hardware, and network infrastructure that makes your website accessible to others via the internet.

 50webhost services offer a wide range of hosting solutions, from pricey to low-cost. The cost is mostly determined by the quantity of storage space and computer capacity required for your website.

The most popular reason for using a web host is to construct a website or a blog. It can also be used for lots of purposes, such as:

•             It’s a file server.

•             Server for streaming video.

•             Virtual drives or disks.

On, the essential features of a hosting service include:

• A limited number of email accounts on an email server

• Web application hosting that is HTML and/or PHP compatible.

• MySQL databases, which are required to build the majority of today’s web applications, including general web, blogs, forums, online commerce, and online teaching platforms.

• Management and administration of web files via FTP access.

Backups? It’s something that all forms of web hosting can do; on 50 web post we guarantee you the best of service.

Types Of Web Hosting Services On 50WebHost

Shared Hosting

The most popular web hosting option is shared hosting, which can be utilized for free or for a fee. In terms of payment, depending on the quality and contracted provider.

These servers have restricted resources, but they are an excellent choice for web pages or blogs that do not receive a lot of traffic.

VPS (virtual private server) Hosting

A virtual private server, often known as a VPS, allows you to host your own

• Virtual disk creation, which is comparable to the Dropbox service in that it allows you to create folders.

• Bandwidth and storage space are limited. There are hosting providers that advertise unlimited service, such as 50webhost, which has reasonable pricing.

• You will have a strong machine to host your web projects if you use a virtual private server, often known as VPS.

A VPS can set up with a variety of control panels:

1. CPanel is the first option. It is one of the most well-known and widely used control panels found on most web servers.

2. Plesk. It is the solution that provides us with the fastest page speed for the web pages we keep. As a result, from the standpoint of web positioning, it is the finest option.

3. DirectAdmin. This is a simple method use to manage your VPS correctly.

I’d like to add one more thing: they’re quite scalable.

Servers that are exclusively yours

Because all of the server’s resources are dedicated to you, this is the total cost of web hosting. It is, logically, the most expensive of the alternatives presented thus far, which is why it is frequently utilized by medium-sized and large businesses.

Cloud Hosting or Servers

This hosting option is one of the most revolutionary since it allows us to employ only the resources we require and only pay for what we use.

It’s really easy to scale because we can pick how many resources we need at any one time. It’s a very safe and reliable hosting solution that’s typically picked when you want complete assurance of the service you’ve contracted for.

Hosting for Resellers

It’s a virtual or dedicated server on which you can install and host many websites, as well as sell them to your customers. This is the option chosen by web design firms that provide hosting as part of their service offering. Because we will be providing support to our clients, it is critical that we understand how to operate the machine’s software.

50 Web Host Also Offers The Following

Web Hosting services


When it comes to web hosting, there are a few mistakes to avoid.

1. – Select the hosting service based on its cost

Perhaps the most common error we make when picking a hosting provider, especially when it is our first experience or first web project, is to get carried away just by the price of the service, as you may end up choosing evil.

2. – Select hosting based on the company’s age.

The saying that serious companies are those that have been around for a long time is not accurate when it comes to hosting; in Spain, the largest companies are not my favorites, but the contrary is true.

3. – Select a hosting service that is unsuitable or under-optimized for the project.

When launching a new project on the Internet, it’s critical that our hosting has the resources we need to implement all of the web tools we’ll need, and that our CMS hosting relationship is friendly and free of friction and disagreement.

4. – Excessive web hosting

I’ve seen this happen on occasion, and it’s nearly always due to an excessively ambitious business plan that shrinks the project’s size over time, resulting in hosting that’s too powerful for the project’s actual needs.

5.-Choosing a web hosting provider without considering customer service

Customer service quality and efficiency in a hosting environment is, in my opinion, critical, and a factor that truly differentiates and distinguishes one hosting from another. Good care necessitates a prompt, appropriate, and effective response.

Closing Note

I hope that all of these pointers, blunders, and details about the various forms of hosting will assist you in selecting the for your online project.