Core Dedicated Web Hosting
Core Dedicated Web Hosting

Why Core Dedicated Web Hosting is #1 Choice for your Enterprise?

One of the many blessings of new-age technology is website hosting. Don’t you agree? It has created a space for aspiring entrepreneurs to have a chance at a successful business online. It has bridged the gap between businesses and the internet through various features that mainly cater to every specific requirement.

So you have a business online and initially chose shared hosting due to its cost-effective nature. Since you have started to grow, it might not be enough anymore. Well, this is where core dedicated web hosting comes to save the day. Wondering how dedicated hosting can save your business online? This article provides a vivid insight into the world of core dedicated hosting!

Understanding Dedicated Web Hosting

Before we dive into the specifics, let us familiarize ourselves with the jargon to get a clear idea. Dedicated web hosting refers to website hosting solutions that offer exclusive servers instead of a shared environment. In contrast to a shared hosting plan, dedicated servers are considered to be more reliable and provide better performance. These servers are offered by cloud service providers and give you complete authority over your server and its functions.

How does Dedicated Web Hosting Work For your Business?

A dedicated server is a layered system that offers systematic solutions for your business online.

Dedicated Web Hosting


Customization is one of the major features of a dedicated server. It provides complete flexibility that starts right from choosing your hardware. Depending on your needs, hosting services have a wide array of hardware options to decide from. Will you pick a single processor or a dual processor with 24 cores? As you go higher, the memory capacity increases as well. For example, a single processor will provide up to 64 GB DDR4 of RAM whereas a dual processor with multiple cores will offer much more such as 256 GB DDR4 of RAM.

If you are wondering about the local storage, you can select from SATA, SAS, and SSD drives that come in different sizes and can be easily organized by a RAID set. However, you also have to make sure you do not overload the system. Hence, adding a NAS or SAN block storage will help you balance the load.


When we talk about customizability in a dedicated server, it stretches way beyond hardware. Just as you have the liberty to choose hardware, you can also choose software that fits your requirements. Considering your operating system, you can choose between Windows Server, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. Besides, you should also consider picking virtualization software like Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, Xen Hypervisor, etc. which is an important accessory for dedicated as well as virtual servers.

Apart from that, ease of accessibility is another major feature of dedicated server hosting. This is why entrepreneurs should also find an efficient control system for a dedicated hosting solution. Some of them include CMS software, mail software, FTP software, etc.

Miscellaneous Services

Dedicated website hosting brings a huge range of services. While some are included in your package. Some additional services require extra charges. The charges usually depend on the hosting company. Some of the services that you may be charged for include server migration, cloud backup, security services, DDoS protection, firewalls, rapid-response monitoring, etc.

Why does your Business need a Dedicated Server?

Starting a business online is challenging. In addition, the need to deliver an exceptional user experience is crucial and can either make or break your business. In such cases, moving to a cloud environment will help improve performance and revenue. However, once your business starts to grow, your hosting plan might not fit your requirements.

Dedicated Server

1.   Better Performance

Dedicated server hosting is the holy grail for growing enterprises.  For a growing business, these hosting solutions can help you run your website smoothly and avoid security concerns, downtime, etc.

2.   Complete Authority

Shared hosting offers a space in a public server, however, it is used by many other business owners as well. Hence, the complete authority over the cloud environment is divided. This is why dedicated web hosting solutions seem like your best bet since the users get unrestricted access to the server and suit their specific needs.

3.   Reliable

Dedicated server hosting is a reliable solution. Why? Well, unlike shared hosting plans, companies allow users to choose their bandwidth and processing power. Besides, they offer customized hosting services that are solely targeted to specific needs in an online business.

4.   24X7 Support

So you opted for a dedicated hosting plan. However, you have no idea where to begin. Well, that will never stop your business from growing. Hosting companies offer 24X7 support and help you to get a good grasp of your website. Moreover, they also provide real-time solutions to resolve glitches and other technicalities that might affect your website and the business.

5.   Maintenance and keeping track

The best feature of dedicated website hosting is resources. With various tools and exceptional support, maintenance and monitoring of a private cloud environment become easy. In addition, hosting companies also provide experienced engineers who work with you and help with monitoring, handling, and configuring the private server.

6.   Scalable

Businesses are growing every day. The trend of never-ending business dynamics is hard to manage nowadays. Without a piece of proper knowledge, business strategies may not be beneficial for your business growth. This is where dedicated hosting solutions can help your business stay relevant. Moreover, dedicated website hosting also helps businesses to scale upcoming trends ahead and shape their Business Infrastructure and stay ahead of the competition.


Dedicated hosting is a blessing for growing business. It is a long-time solution since it promises flexibility and better performance. While you may frown about the price, 50webhost is your one-stop solution for all your hosting needs. They have a wide array of packages to choose from. Each dedicated hosting solution is customized to suit your needs. Besides, their team of professionals will work around the clock to ensure uptime, optimal performance, and after-service support to keep your business ahead of the game.