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The dawn of modern technology has paved the way we run a business online. Besides, cloud hosting has changed the game in the eCommerce industry. Being an entrepreneur, you have probably heard of cloud hosting at some point. Concurrently, the use of cloud hosting for businesses has grown into various branches that address different requirements for you to run your enterprise smoothly without bearing extra expenses. Among them, Cloud SSD hosting is a great option since it offers features that make it much more reliable and efficient.

As a result, a lot of businesses are driving toward digital trends and shifting their operations to cloud SSD Hosting for better performance and results.

What is Cloud SSD hosting?

Cloud SSD hosting refers to a type of hosting solution that uses Solid State Drives. It is quite easy to handle since the entire system comes pre-configured. Unlike regular hard disk drives, the data is saved in semiconductor-based memory, which offers better performance.

Cloud SSD Hosting

How does Cloud SSD hosting work?

Unlike conventional hard drives, Cloud SSD hosting mostly functions in a cloud environment. They utilize virtual servers which are interconnected with a wide array of physical servers across various areas. It ensures your website is always running and can work efficiently during a crisis as well. The use of multiple servers in a cloud environment allows your website to shift control to various servers in case a server experiences downtime or other issues. This is why various businesses are shifting to cloud hosting platforms to get access to a wide range of features that not only make it reliable but a cost-effective solution for your entire business operation.

In the case of SSD hosting, the physical servers that are used by the virtual servers to run a website run on SSD drives. What difference would that make? Well, this makes the cloud environment, including the hosting solution, a very stable choice for business owners.

What are the benefits of Cloud SSD Hosting?

Benefits of Cloud SSD

Cloud SSD hosting is a huge driving factor for businesses to run smoothly online. Incorporating Solid State Drivers into cloud hosting solutions offers flash memory which prevents heating your device and maintains optimal temperature and efficiency. However, the benefits of Cloud SSD hosting do not end there. Here are some of the major benefits of Cloud SSD Hosting.

1.   Better Performance

The SSD drives play a great role in offering better performance to online businesses. In addition, if you choose SSD cloud hosting solutions, your website information is directly sourced from storage space. Besides, the SSD drivers do not resort to magnetic disks or rotating heads, which results in higher overall website performance.

While it is quite obvious that it greatly impacts our website loading time, it does a lot more! SSD cloud hosting also allows you to access your files faster and prevents fragmentation.

Besides better performance, SSD also boosts the loading time of the website. In addition, it also increases your Google rank listings which can attract more customers to your website and increase ROI.

2.   Reliable

Since SSD cloud hosting does not require read or write heads, it is considered to be the best hosting solution for businesses online. It is free of distortions and since it does not require physical moving parts, it is likely to wear out or suffer damage. Hence, it is generally more efficient than the options available.

3.   Speed

Speed is the deciding factor for online businesses everywhere. In addition, SSD drivers have a faster performance compared to other alternatives. Every operation including reading/write time, file transfers, etc take a very less time upto 10-13 seconds.

Input/Output Operations Per Second or IOPS refers to a metric that measures the read or writing data of a device. While the rate is usually 80-180 for traditional drives, SSDs, however, experience IOPS shifts up to 75,000.

4.   Low Power requirement

Low power consumption is a major factor in the online business industry. SSD cloud hosting options utilizes 80% less energy in the operations. Hence, you can surely do your part and contribute to save the environment by choosing eco-friendly business solutions.

5.   Data Security

Security is one of the major concerns in the eCommerce industry.  Besides, hackers,phishers,etc there are a lot of security concerns that tend to compromise confidential data on traditional drives. This is why Cloud SSD Hosting is considered to be a superior choice among the other options. From virus protection to maintenance, SSD hosting has to offer a wide array of features for you to shape your business.

 In addition, SSD drivers lack physical parts which rules out the possibilities of damage or theft. It also offers in-built cooling features which can maintain optimal device temperature and prevent overheating.

6.   Durable

Unlike HDD technology which offers smaller drives, SSD drivers use microchips and have greater storage capacities which is a much reliable choice. They are likely to experience less failures and have a longer lifespan. Mean Time Between Failure or MTBF is a metric that proves that SSD technology has a much better durability and reduces cost.

Owing to its durability, SSD cloud hosting offers a wide network of servers instead of a single device. This provides you the liberty to ensure that your website is on the run 24X7 and has a strong backup in case of crashes,etc. Moreover, it is also a budget-friendly choice and offers customized solutions that target specific issues in an online business. In simpler words, it resembles a dedicated cloud space while offering much cheaper price ranges.


Cloud SSD hosting is a game changer in the eCommerce industry. For better performance to smooth business operations/ performance to smooth business operations, it can surely make or break your business. If you are an entrepreneur, looking to jumpstart your business with SSD cloud hosting, 50webhost is your best bet! From cost-effective packages to integrated solutions, their team of professionals is here to build your dream 24X7!

Managed Cloud Hosting
50WebHost Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Get your #1 Managed Cloud Hosting Platform simplified with 50WebHost.

The dawn of digitalization has completely changed the business landscape online. With each technological advancement, businesses are becoming more flexible and driven towards growth. But how can we implement this technology for our budding enterprises? Well, with cloud hosting platform solutions, you can easily jumpstart your business to reach new heights online. This article brings clear insight into the wonders of the managed cloud hosting platforms and what it means for new businesses in the concurrent scenario.

The Basics of Cloud Hosting

Before we begin any further, entrepreneurs should have a clear comprehension of the basic jargon to implement it effectively in their business strategies.

Basics of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting refers to the process of splitting a physical server into several virtual machines or cloud servers that are connected to form a single network to host a website on the internet. It is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model that offers remote computing resources for businesses to run smoothly.

How does this work?

The cloud server is a scattered environment that shares information through satellite networks. In addition, these services are offered by hosts that are responsible for maintaining data for businesses. They also take care of security, storage capacity, computing power, etc. to ensure that client information is delivered securely and efficiently.

What are the types of Managed Cloud Hosting Platforms?

Given the requirements, service providers offer three types of cloud hosting solutions:


Public cloud hosting is one of the most common solutions available. It is a cheap option, but with limited resources. Besides, businesses share these clouds with other users and can be accessed from anywhere. For freshers, public clouds can be your best bet to enter the world of cloud computing for an efficient business strategy.


Unlike public cloud server models, these are dedicated cloud environments that offer similar services, sometimes with additional features. Service providers offer private cloud space and have a better security infrastructure.

Managed Cloud Hosting Platfomrs


Hybrid cloud hosting is gaining popularity concurrently due to its ambidextrous nature. It is an amalgamation of both private and public cloud hosting options. In addition, both types of cloud servers are connected over the internet and are used alternatively.

The Wonderful Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing has paved the way for businesses to grow on the internet. It has become an efficient solution for enterprises to store their information securely and ensure exceptional performance and maximum customer information. Apart from that, cloud hosting platforms also offer other benefits that can help businesses upgrade with the changing dynamics in several industries.

1.   Cost

Worried about the hefty bills that come with migrating to cloud hosting? Well, you are not alone! Many businesses often back out without even considering cloud hosting as an option, only due to costs. However, it is completely the other way around. With 50WebHost cloud hosting, you can get all the resources in one place and at affordable packages.

But what makes it pocket-friendly. Well, most of the cloud service providers follow a pay-as-you-go system that offers customized packages. This means, you only pay for the services you need for your business.

2.   Security

Running a business online faces various setbacks and security is one of them. Enterprises are always susceptible to various threats such as phishing, hacking, etc. that can compromise confidential customer data. However, cloud hosting platforms provide a myriad of IT concerns along with security features.

3.   Flexibility

As a business owner, you have to divide your attention to different aspects of the infrastructure. However, if you are mostly transfixed on your current IT options, it might only slow your growth. This is where cloud hosting comes in to save the day. With dedicated resources, cloud hosting service providers take care of all your IT requirements allowing you to turn your business more flexible and driven towards goals.

4.   Regular Insights

“Knowledge is Power”. This is something that most entrepreneurs have heard of once in their life. How much relevance does this hold to your business? Well, you can relate every aspect to it. The more you gain information about your business, the more you can incorporate new strategies to ensure increased revenues.

With cloud hosting, regular insights, tracking mechanisms, etc. can be easily implemented to help you scale your business online and gather valuable information to stay ahead of the game.

What Services can you Expect from 50WebHost?

Feeling unsatisfied with your current IT solution? Or are you looking for a good service provider to start your business? Well, rest easy! 50WebHost is your one-stop solution for every IT requirement. With years of expertise, they offer integrated and customized solutions for businesses to run their enterprise smoothly without a hassle. Before you begin, here’s the wide array of services that you can get from 5OWebHost:

1.   Best Performance Guaranteed

50WebHost has the best solutions at your disposal. With a strong foothold in the industry, they offer a wide range of services including instant provisioning, redundant network, guaranteed sales boost, fast website performance, etc.

2.   Multi-Layered Security

With cutting-edge technology, 50WebHost brings exceptional security solutions that keep your business away from cyber threats. Security services include security firewalls, malware scanning, free SSL, security patch management, etc.

3.   Strategically Arranged Data Centers

With widely dispersed and automated data centers, they provide lower latency and ensure high reliability and better efficiency. In addition, these data center structures also offer more redundancy, fast connectivity, improved physical security, expert assistance, etc.

4.   Hassle-Free Migration

Migration is an important step to growing your business online. This is why 50WebHost provides easy migration facilities and promises to safeguard your data. This increases flexibility and even allows you to upgrade when your business starts to grow.


Cloud hosting has impacted business greatly. With efficient solutions, you can now run an enterprise online without being a tech genius. Besides, they offer a team of dedicated professionals to assist you 24/7 to ensure a smooth website performance with lesser downtime.

If you wish to jumpstart your dreams today, 50WebHost is the holy grail you are looking for!